Top 9 Thrillers For All Ages

If you’re looking for a great thriller for every reader on your holiday list, you’ll find it here. From macabre (yet sensitive) picks for middle grade readers to suspenseful reads for young adult and mature book lovers, there’s no limit to the thrills in these pages.



Do You Know the Monkey Man? by Dori Hillestad Butler

Do You Know the Monkey Man? by Dori Hillestad Butler

Samantha was always told that her twin sister drowned, but she’s not so sure anymore. But finding out what really happened to her sister and the whereabouts of her estranged father threatens to uncover truths that Samantha may not be ready to handle.


The Nest by Kenneth Oppel, Jon Klassen

The Nest by Kenneth Oppel

It hasn’t been a great summer for Steve, as his baby brother is sick, his parents are struggling and to top it al off, there is a sinister wasp’s nest hanging outside that Steve can’t stop worrying about. It’s no surprise he’s having strange dreams, but Steve may be entering a fantasy world that will have very real consequences once he wakes up.


The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste

The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste

Corinne knows that Jumbies are just make believe creatures that parents use to try to frighten kids, but what exactly was it she saw when she chased an agouti into the forest? And who is the beautiful stranger that has come to town? Corinne is sure that the two are connected, and that if she and her friends don’t find out, they may lose their island home forever.



Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson

Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson

Monday is Claudia’s best friend, so when she doesn’t show up for school for days, Claudia is worried. She knows that Monday would never leave on purpose so why isn’t Monday’s mother or sister giving Claudia a straight answer? But the deeper Claudia digs for answers, the stranger her friend’s disappearance seems.


This Splintered Silence by Kayla Olson

This Splintered Silence by Kayla Olson

Lindley has been running the space station ever since a virus killed the entire first generation crew members, including her mother who was commander. It’s a struggle to keep things going, so when a second-generation crew member becomes ill with the same virus, it seems that all hope is lost. As more people die, the survivors must face a frightening reality—either the virus has returned or somebody on board is guilty of sabotage.


The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan by Gia Cribbs

The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan by Gia Cribbs

Sloane Sullivan has spent years in a witness protection program, so she knows how to blend in and fly under the radar. But when she disappears shortly after starting at another new school—and shortly before she is to be released from the program—nobody can figure out why, or how exactly to find somebody that has pretended to be somebody else for so long.



Silent Scream (South Shores) by Karen Harper

Silent Scream by Karen Harper

An archaeological find in a Florida peat bog yields more questions than answers when forensic psychologist Claire Britten discovers that some of the corpses in the bog met a strange fate. But someone is watching—somebody who really doesn’t want Claire digging into the past or making connections to a current, violent murder case the police are investigating.


The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

Hal struggles to make ends meet as a tarot-card reader at a seaside kiosk, so when a mysterious letter arrives alerting her to a possible inheritance, she decides to accept it. This leads Hal on a journey into a strange family knit together by secrets, whispers and a dark past that someone is determined to keep hidden.


The Image of You by Adele Parks

The Image of You by Adele Parks

Nothing can come between identical twins Anna Zoe—until Anna meets Nick, the man of her dreams. Zoe doesn’t trust Nick and is determined not to let him come between them, but maybe Zoe and Anna are not as alike as everybody thinks.


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    Karen Green

    Karen Green is a freelance writer and big city ex-pat now living in rural Ontario. She writes for numerous print and online publications, and considers her library card to be one of her most valuable possessions.

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