5 Tips for Reaching Your Reading Goals Faster

If you’re anything like us, you’ve started out this year with a goal: reading more books. And then maybe, if you’re really like us, you may have gotten a bit sidetracked and are further from reaching your goal than you expected. Not to fear, book lover, we’ve got tips to set you up for success and get you reading more books in no time!

Be Realistic and Honest with Yourself

It goes without saying, you really need to be truthful to yourself when it comes to goal setting. Take a step back and look at that goal you made earlier this year and ask yourself: is this actually attainable?

Sometimes we set a reading goal that’s too elaborate and life just gets in the way. That’s not a problem! Instead of beating yourself up against not being able to hit your very ambitious goal, adjust it so it’s more realistic to achieve.

This also extends to books. If you find yourself struggling to finish a book, you can mark it as a DNF (did not finish) and call it day! By ditching the books that aren’t motivating you, you’ll have more time to read the books you enjoy which will help you read more books in a year.

Have a TBR That’s in Tip-Top Shape

Another secret to reading more books is to have a comprehensive TBR (to be read) list. It can be hard deciding which book to start reading after you’ve finished one. We recommend always staying on top of new releases with our monthly blog posts to help grow your list.

We also encourage reading across a variety of genres to shake things up every so often. By having a diverse TBR list, you’ll be able to pick up a new book based on what you’re feeling that much quicker.

And if decision paralysis is big issue for you, try something like a TBR jar. Put all the books you’d be interested in reading in a jar and randomly draw one! This is a fun way to get over the hurdle of choosing what to read next.

Always Carry a Book With You

One way to ensure that you’ve got time to read is to always have a book on hand. Whether that’s an audiobook, a paperback, or an ebook is up to you! We’re partial to having a mix of formats so you can really take advantage of squeezing in reading while you’re out and about.

Audiobooks make the perfect companion to a commute. Paperbacks are great for a trip to the park. And e-readers are a fantastic option for longer trips and vacations as you can carry so many books on such a small device.

Don’t be afraid to pull out a book whenever there’s some extra downtime in your day. Those extra few pages here and there really do count. Plus, filling those little gaps with reading instead of scrolling mindlessly on your phone, is always a bonus.

Make It a Routine

Making reading a habit is a such an important way to ensure you read a lot. There are many ways to do this but one thing that’s for certain is you need to make it enjoyable.

We recommend bookending (pun intended) your day with a good book, whether that’s setting aside 30 minutes in the morning before work or an hour or more before bed. Setting aside time in your schedule, especially if it’s the same time every day, will help you read more consistently which in turns helps you get closer to achieving your reading goal.

To help this stick, make reading more enjoyable, too, by creating a reading nook. You can also treat yourself to a fancy drink or some cozy reading socks for a bit of a reward for a little something special.

Get Social With It

Now, we have to admit reading is a pretty solitary habit, but making it social is a great way to feel more invigorated and eager to pick up a book or two.

One of our favorite ways to go about making reading more social is joining or starting a book club. We’re huge advocates of book clubs as they typically come up book recommendations, deadlines, and, of course, fun discussions! Online or offline is totally your preference but if you’re looking for something virtual, then our very own Read With BookClubbish book club might be up your alley.

Speaking of digital, social media is a great place to get reading recommendations and connect with more book lovers. Goodreads or The StoryGraph are great sites where you can track your goals and the books you’ve read. We’d be amiss to not mention Bookstagram, BookTok and BookTube, too, which are wonderful for helping you discover more books.

However big or small your reading goal is, we hope you find these tips helpful! And let us know: what’s your favorite way to up your book count?

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