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Allegra Huston On Writing Plus Read An Excerpt From Say My Name

A few days ago, I got an email via my website, from a woman who had recently moved to Taos and picked up my book on a whim. She wrote:

“I felt such a kinship with your characters and their journey. Yes, the erotic explorations Eve experiences are compelling, but Eve’s personal arc in the novel was so startlingly similar to what is happening to me right now as a 50 year old woman having “run away”  that I feel a little unhinged by it in the best possible way. I actually copied a particular passage into my journal from chapter 12 , ‘Do I need someone to be of use to justify my existence? Do I need someone to desire me, in order to feel alive?’ Startling. Transformative. Thank You. Revelations are actually pretty rare so I appreciate it so much when they come.”

This is why I write! – To speak from my heart out into the world, in the hope of connections exactly like this. Thank you, Tess, for opening your heart to Eve’s and mine.

BookClubbish Was There: LA Times Festival of Books + Giveaway!

On April 28-29, BookClubbish was thrilled to partner with bookseller-extraordinaire Mysterious Galaxy in one of the most crowded booths at the LA Times Festival of Books in downtown Los Angeles. Book lovers gathered to browse the shelves, connect with their favorite authors and talk about their passion for great reads.

Here are some highlights from the event, just in case you couldn’t be there in person!

Author signings

We were so lucky to have such wonderful authors at our booth, including Brenda Novak, Brianna Wolfson, Kaira Rouda, and Allegra Huston. Devoted readers lined up to meet some of their favorite authors, including one fan who brought a well-worn advanced copy of Rosie Colored Glasses to be signed by Brianna Wolfson! Candy was also available, because who doesn’t love a little snack with their books?

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Six Books Featuring Women Making Big Changes in Midlife

Hitting the middle of anything can feel lonely—neither beginning nor end, accomplishment nor failure. In a photo, the middle distance is a space that can often represent a void, but it’s important to remember that in that void, that space, anything is possible. And it’s beneficial to see the middle years of life in that… Read More »

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