An Almond for a Parrot

In Newgate prison, a girl awaits trial. Accused of murder, she will surely hang if found guilty. London thinks of her as a celebrity. She is Tully Truegood.

In prison, accused of murder, Tully Truegood begins to write her life story. A story that takes her from a young girl in the backstreets of 18th century London to her stepmother Queenie’s Fairy Housea place where decadent excess is a must…

Trained by Queenie to become a courtesan, and by Mr. Creasea magician who sees that Tully holds similar special powers to his ownTully soon becomes the talk of the town.

But as Tully goes on a journey of sexual awakening, she falls in love with one of her clients and the pleasure soon turns to pain. Especially when the estranged husband she was forced to marry by her father suddenly seeks her out. Now Tully is awaiting her trial for murder, for which she expects to hang…and her only chance of survival is to get her story to the one person who might be able to help her.

Delaney’s incredible tale of a young woman’s journey out of the depths of despair is shocking, haunting and evocative. Part historical fiction and part magical realism, this juicy, jaw-dropping story will linger long after the last page is turned.


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Wray Delaney is the pen name of Sally Gardner, the award-winning children's novelist who has sold over two million books worldwide and been translated into twenty-two languages. She lives in London and An Almond for a Parrot is her first adult novel.

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