Feel-good books for your holiday hangover

We’ve officially entered the dark days of winter—the holidays are over, the nights are long, the weather is gross, we’re at our desks instead of cozying up by the fire and now we have to start chipping away at the gut we seem to have developed from one too many eggnogs and baked bries. So,… Read More »

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The Recipe for a Perfect Book Club Pick

If you’re really into books, chances are you like to talk about books. Many of us belong or have belonged to book clubs for this very reason—opening a novel up to discussion with fellow readers can enrich our experience of the story that much more. But not all books are created equal. Just because you… Read More »

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Nonfiction books that read like fiction

As an editor of fiction, it’s hard to break away from my love of story to read nonfiction, which I do from time to time when there’s a subject that interests me or if I’ve been recommended a book by everyone from colleagues to friends to randos on the subway (which, believe it or not,… Read More »

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Need more edge in your life? Try these four creeptastic reads

If your reading list is starting to feel a little same-old, same-old, fear not—here are some fantastic thrillers that will act as a defibrillator to your tired reading regime. Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson Before The Girl on the Train became the benchmark for the patchy-memory unreliable narrator, there was this disturbing… Read More »

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