COME AWAY WITH ME Bucket List Contest

UPDATE: Congratulations to the Bucket List Contest winner, Jennifer from Michigan!

A note from Karma Brown, author of COME AWAY WITH ME

The summer after I turned 17 I boarded a plane for Thunder Bay, and Outward Bound — a wilderness survival school that makes regular camping look like a 5-star hotel stay. Armed with a small backpack into which I stuffed one extra set of clothes and a sleeping bag, we headed into the wilderness for 30 days of canoeing and backpacking. We spent 14 hours each day on the water, reading lake maps and growing our paddling muscles. We bushwhacked trails. Rock climbed. White-water kayaked. We dug latrines, cooked over the fire, ate too many sardines and peanuts (I still can’t eat either). It was like nothing I’d ever done; it’s like nothing I’ve done since.

But it was what we did on our last day at camp that truly changed my life: I wrote myself a letter. In the letter I listed achievements I was proud of, along with what I hoped to accomplish over the 365 days. Then I sealed it, and promptly forgot about it.

A year later it arrived in my mailbox, and I saw how many items on my “hope to achieve” list I’d actually accomplished — without doing anything more than writing them down. That moment changed how I thought about my future: goals don’t happen without planning. Write it down, make it real. So I started my “bucket” list, and have been adding to it and crossing things off ever since.

In COME AWAY WITH ME, Tegan and Gabe have a list of experiences they keep in the “Jar of Spontaneity” — which was inspired by a real life jar my husband and I have. All three of their experiences in the book — Elephants painting in Thailand, Cooking Class in Italy, Learn to surf in Hawaii — came from my actual list, which has now grown to about 120 items. And on August 25th, when my novel hits shelves, I’ll finally get to put a checkmark beside item #34 (Write, and publish, a novel) …

Now it’s your turn. Post your top ten bucket list experiences on your blog for a chance to win one of them! (Up to $5,000 value).


    Gina Shin

    Gina is a Marketing Assistant at MIRA. A west coaster with intense love for beautiful mountains and beaches, few things make her happier than escaping into some natural scenery to unwind. Gina studied both English and Criminology in university, so it should come as no surprise that some of her favorite reads are mysteries and crime fiction. If not with her books, she is most likely playing instruments (usually guitar) and singing obnoxiously or lost in the world of Pinterest with a cup of strong black coffee.

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    13 Responses to “COME AWAY WITH ME Bucket List Contest”

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      Diana Tidlund

      first off I never really thought of a bucket list until last year when I suffered a bunch of strokes and was hospitalized for weeks. I had to relearn to walk and talk with months and months of physical and speech therapy. Not being able to work anymore (and for 6 months I had to have someone with me.) I had a bunch of time to think about things I’d like to do if I had enough money to do.
      1. visit Alaska (Denali, see the northern lights, moose and wildlife) with hubby because it would be something we’d be able to do together that he would really love and I’ve always wanted to go to.
      2. visit Hawaii because I’ve always loved Blue Hawaii with Elvis and seeing it firsthand and seeing a Volcano would be the bomb
      3. Visit Disney (my brother had MD and was dying that’s where he always wanted to go so we all promised to go there for him when he died) DONE
      4. Ride a Motorcycle (hubby and I have one and he rides me everywhere he can with it ) DONE
      5. Grand Canyon with hubby and kids (theres so much to see and due in America
      6. Mount Rushmore with hubby and kids
      7. live to see kids graduate from college (youngest graduates this year)
      8. live to see the kids get married
      9. Be able to afford to travel to RWA and participate in the whole thing, meeting authors and booksignings. (with enough money to by the books I want) long enough to have grandchildren . (my brother didn’t live long enough to have kids or even see his niece or nephews be born and was upset about it when he died. I don’t wanna have regrets like that)

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      Lynn Russell

      I would just like traveling to beaches along the Gulf Coast or along the Atlantic Ocean; continue visiting aging healthy parents (89 & 90); small remodeling on my house.

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      Betty Jo English

      After watching the movie Bucket List. I started thinking about my own list 1. Visit all 50 states (only have 6 left) 2. Retire (32 years of public education ) 3. Stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon to watch sunrise and sunset (done) 4. Visit Mount Rushmore (done) 5. Go to top of the Space Needle (done) 6. See the Alaskan Glaciers 7. See the Golden Gate Bridge (done) 8. See all 5 Great Lakes (done) 9. See Niagara Falls (done) 10. Ice skate at Rockefeller Center (Dr vetoed but did watch)

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      Jewell Brown


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      Jeannette Harkin

      MY BUCKET LIST 1. Visit Ireland 2. Learn Spanish 3. Make a souffle 4. Run a marathon 5. Volunteer at Special Olympics 6. Read a book every week 7. Learn to paddle board 8. Buy a boat 9. Fly first class…just once 10. Make a true difference in the lives of others

    6. Avatar
      Claudette Lariviere

      Hi Julie … Wow awesome buket lists! Going to be hard to pick a winner … Speaking of winner … Where do we go to look for the post for who won? Thank you so much ..for everything! Have a wonderful weekend!m

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