YA Then and Now: A Comparative Bookshelf

Young adult literature is experiencing a renaissance right now. With a seemingly limitless reader-base that belies its own “young adult” classification, robust book sales, blockbuster movie adaptations, and authors catapulted to celebrity status, you’d think that the category was a brand new one. It’s not, of course. And while social media, the Internet and J.K.… Read More »

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The 5 Best Dads in Fiction

Fathers sometimes get a bad rap in literature. They are an easy villain, moving the plot along and offering a protagonist the behavioral causation needed to overcome, persevere, or in some cases, become evil themselves. Other times, dads play the buffoon (Mr. Bennet), the tyrant (Tywin Lannister), or the absent martyr (Mr. March). But really,… Read More »

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Menagerie Excerpt

Twenty-five years ago… The heat rippling over the surface of Charity Marlow’s blacktop driveway was one hundred twelve degrees. It was nearly one hundred nine in the shade from the scrub brush that passed for trees in her front yard. She sat on a white iron bench in her backyard, picking at the paint flaking… Read More »

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Literary Lifestyles: With Liz Stein

One of the perks of working in the publishing industry is that you’re constantly surrounded by fellow book lovers. It’s not uncommon to get your latest book recommendations from a colleague in the office kitchen, to overhear snippets of conversations around new releases or bookshelf organization as you pass by a row of cubicles. Because… Read More »

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