Podcasts, Blogs and Web Series: If You’re a Fan, You’ll Love These 5 Books

Podcasts during the daily commute, vlogs on the treadmill, blogs before bed—the online world and technology have filled the gaps in our leisure time the way water can fill a sink that already seems full of dishes. And it’s exactly this noninvasive, fill-the-spaces capability that makes some online pursuits so rewarding.


If you are someone that enjoys spending leisure time online—enjoys finding ways to let the water fill the cracks, so to speak, then you’ll love these books that match the tone and subject matter of some of our favorite online pursuits. From narrative non-fiction that mimics the mood of a great podcast to thrilling fiction worthy of an audio drama retelling, these stories will satisfy readers that love to diversify their leisure time—once they’ve finished the book they’re reading, that is.


Impostor’s Lure (Sharpe & Donovan) by Carla Neggers

If you’re a fan of audio dramas like Fireside Mystery Theatre, or thrilling podcasts like FBI Retired Case File Review, Imposter’s Lure will lure you right in. FBI agents (and newlyweds), Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan are investigating the disappearance of a Boston prosecutor and become embroiled in a mystery that takes them deep into an art forgery ring, shady family dealings and a murderer that seems to always be one step ahead of them until the surprising end.


Tooth and Nail by Linda D. Dahl

This story of the one of the only female doctors to administer ringside assistance to boxers in New York State, is a fascinating, empowering memoir sitting at the intersection of sports, medicine and feminism. Similar in tone to sports podcasts like Sparta Chicks Radio or Burn It All Down, that vanquish the mansplaining and get right to the good stuff. Readers get a front-row seat to the sometimes brutal world inside and outside of the ring—especially for a woman trying to earn the respect of an industry that sees few in positions of power.


Dear Mrs. Bird by A.J. Pearce

If you love advice podcasts like Dear Sugar or enjoyed radio shows like BBC Radio 4’s epic Great War drama, Home Front, you’ll be charmed by this novel featuring a World War II-era typist for a renowned advice columnist who can’t resist responding to the women that the exacting Mrs. Bird leaves out of her daily article.


Lincoln’s Last Trial: The Murder Case That Propelled Him to the Presidency by Dan Abrams, David Fisher

For those that enjoy listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast or can’t get enough of the obscure historical references highlighted on the Feature History web series, this story is for you. Chronicling the waning days of Lincoln’s pre-presidential career as a defense lawyer and the case that may have helped change the course of history, this is a tale of crime and intrigue, politics and loyalty with one of America’s most important figures at the center of it all.


I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara

Michelle McNamara had been writing about crimes and cold cases on her blog, TrueCrimeDiary.com for many years before putting out this fascinating, somewhat terrifying look at the case that had captured her obsession. So if you are a fan of true crime podcasts like Up and Vanished or Accused, you don’t want to miss this highly detailed, engaging look at a murderer that terrorized small California towns for over a decade before disappearing more than 30 years ago.


Have you read any of the books on this list or spent any time online with these shows? Let us know!

    Karen Green

    Karen Green is a freelance writer and big city ex-pat now living in rural Ontario. She writes for numerous print and online publications, and considers her library card to be one of her most valuable possessions.

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