The Choices We Make Excerpt

1 HANNAH When the phone rings at seven o’clock on Tuesday night, I think it’s odd but I don’t worry. You save that for the calls that come in the middle of the night, the ones that wake you in a panic and surely mean someone has died. Normally I don’t even answer our landline—a… Read More »

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The Watcher Excerpt

 42 days till it comes. HS—Passer domesticus—Wetland—Good vis., wind light, 54 deg.—Singular—2 leucistic patches, buffish, pale supercilium, rich dark streaks on mantle, female—16 cm. approx.—Social, dominant. I THOUGHT I’D SEND MY FINDINGS OVER TO YOU in particular. As I hoped you of all people might understand. We haven’t seen a lot of each other recently… Read More »

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Ginny Moon Excerpt

6:54 at Night, Tuesday, September 7th The plastic electronic baby won’t stop crying. My Forever Parents said it’s supposed to be like a real baby but it isn’t. I can’t make it happy. Even when I rock it. Even when I change its diaper and give it a bottle. When I say, ush, ush, ush… Read More »

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Marked for Life Excerpt

CHAPTER ONE Sunday, April 15 “EMERGENCY SERVICES 112, what has happened?” “My husband’s dead…” Alarm operator Anna Bergström heard the woman’s shaking voice and quickly glanced at the corner of the computer screen in front of her. The clock showed 19:42. “Could you give me your name, please.” “Kerstin Juhlén. My husband is Hans. Hans… Read More »

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