The Fallout Excerpt

Chapter 1 “I’m leaving her.” Josh gave no response. He was fiddling with his mobile phone, trying to get it to stop autocorrecting a text he was composing to Hannah, so he wasn’t really listening. He checked his texts assiduously these days before pressing Send, ever since coming back from a weekend at his parents’… Read More »

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The Orphan’s Tale Excerpt

1 Noa Germany, 1944 The sound comes low like the buzzing of the bees that once chased Papa across the farm and caused him to spend a week swathed in bandages. I set down the brush I’d been using to scrub the floor, once-elegant marble now cracked beneath boot heels and set with fine lines… Read More »

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Free Fall Excerpt

Buffalo, New York You’re not going to die today. Kayla repeated her prayer as the boarding call for her flight at Buffalo Niagara International Airport was announced. Her thoughts raced as she clutched her boarding pass and ID while inching through the line to Gate 20. After the gate agent had cleared her, Kayla felt… Read More »

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Meternity Excerpt

One Spoken like a woman without kids. I turn the article I’m working on over and tuck it under the latest issue of the magazine—I don’t want anyone in the office to see the ocean of red marks my top editor has left all over it—especially this one. Not that anyone is likely to walk… Read More »

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