What Your Favorite Place to Read Says About You

On a bus

You are an efficient, busy person who knows that reading time should never be squandered. The consummate multi-tasker, you see commute time as free time—and what better way to spend free time than with a book, whether your trip is long enough to get in a few chapters, or just a short newspaper article. And in the event that you forget your book at home (the worst!), you may be known to peer over a fellow rider’s shoulder to read their newspaper until it’s your stop.

What you’re probably reading: anything, as long as it is a paperback or on your e-reader. Hardcovers are too unwieldy for bus travel.


In bed

You know that bedrooms are for two things: sleeping and … reading. Reading is, to you, the ultimate escape, so there’s no better way to transition from a busy day into a restful night, than through the pages of a book. You like to end your day quietly, and you could no more go to sleep without reading than you could without brushing your teeth. Late-night readers understand that the only screen necessary before bed is that of their e-reader, and if they appear the next day with bags under their eyes, you should ask them what they’re reading, because it was obviously so good that they couldn’t put it down until the wee hours.

What you’re probably reading: fiction or romance—you want sweet dreams, right?


In a quiet room

Silence please, you are reading. Those who prefer a quiet, solitary place to read understand that nothing less than total immersion is acceptable. No action, no distraction, and no interruptions. Sometimes even a library seems too chaotic for your reading background. Chances are, your reading time is sacred and not nearly as plentiful as you would like, so hiding out with your book is ideal.

What you’re probably reading: non-fiction, literary fiction, or a literary thriller that you really have to pay attention to.



The beach, the porch, a park bench; you know that nothing enhances the enjoyment of a good book more than the sun, a breeze and the freedom of the outdoors. You feel the most yourself when you are outside, and with a book in your hand, you have found the ultimate escape, whether you are enjoying a tropical vacation or just a coffee break. You know how to get the most enjoyment out of the simplest pleasures, and how to let your troubles melt away in the sunshine.

What you are probably reading: commercial fiction, mystery, romance, or chick-lit—something light.


At the table

Forget TV dinners – books are the ultimate accompaniment to a meal, and unless forced by a family member to put it away, you can usually be found with a fork in one hand and a book in the other. It’s possible that a book was at one time or another a stand-in for social interaction during an awkward lunch—say at school or work—but social expectations aside, it really is lovely to linger over a meal while you enjoy a book—or visa-versa. And if we’re honest, you probably enjoy the books more than the food. Just be sure to eat your greens.

What you’re probably reading: fiction, sci-fi, mystery, or non-fiction—something meaty.


So where do you prefer to read?

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    Karen Green

    Karen Green is a freelance writer and big city ex-pat now living in rural Ontario. She writes for numerous print and online publications, and considers her library card to be one of her most valuable possessions.

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