Ten Bookish Podcasts to Listen to Now

A love of books can go way beyond the page, and with so many amazing podcasts available now (and for free!), readers have access to news and discussions about books, reading and writing from a vast and diverse spectrum of points of view.

From episodes featuring writers talking about their fiction to thoughtful conversations about the psychology of readers, here are ten podcasts every book lover should be listening to.

Top Geniuses in Fiction

Today is National Train Your Brain Day! Give your brain a work out and grab some inspiration from these top literary geniuses.

Who Runs the World? 7 Books Featuring Strong Women

Smart, resourceful, resilient, proactive—these are characteristics that the protagonists of these seven books all have in common. From the secretive domestic lives of three best friends to a young woman who was literally dropped into a life she never chose, here are women who face extraordinary circumstances and respond in extraordinary ways.

There’s not always humor, there’s not always grace, but there is a determination to survive, to thrive and to find the ability within themselves to face the challenges put before them. So read on to meet some of the strongest women in recent literature and the astonishing fictional worlds they are taking, by force, by cunning, by love and always by storm.

Getting the Story: Six Novels Featuring Journalists

Writers like to write about writers, and these six novelists are no exception. From a disgraced magazine editor looking to rehabilitate his reputation to a rookie cub trying to break a dangerous story, these intrepid journalists take center stage here—whether they find themselves creating the action or chasing it.

Giveaway! What Was The Last Thrilling Read That Kept You Up At Night?

After an arsonist’s fire kills a little boy in Colmstock, Australia, tensions are running high. Adding to the fearful atmosphere are the porcelain dolls created to look like the town’s little girls begin turning up on doorsteps. In a town seized by paranoia, journalist Rose Blakey thinks she may have found her story…but what happens when people start turning on each other?

If you like a thrilling, suspenseful read, you’ll definitely have to check out Little Secrets by Anna Snoekstra…and we want to help! Visit our comments section below and share with us which book last kept you up at night for your chance to win one of five ARCs of Little Secrets!

Fall Reads to Keep You Warm


Don’t let the end of summer get you down.These reads are perfect for keeping things nice and toasty when the fall weather hits.

BookClubbish Was There: SIBA

New Orleans was the setting for this year’s SIBA conference — a gathering of the Southern Independent Booksellers’ Alliance. And BookClubbish got to present our favourite upcoming reads to 100 booksellers! One of the most anticipated books is ROSIE COLORED GLASSES by Brianna Wolfson, and when we described it as “The Glass Castle, but as a novel,” the room nodded knowingly, and all weekend long it was the most requested advance reading copy of our booth.

Pet Projects: 8 Animal Companions in Literature

Old Yeller, Black Beauty and Lassie are so ensconced in popular culture that it feels like they belong to our childhoods—that they are as close to our own family pet as any animal can get without us having to poop and scoop after them. Not only did they help open our hearts and our minds to a four-legged protagonist, but they paved the way for so many other animals to take up a pet place in our imaginations.

From a terrific pig (and his eight-legged cheerleader) to a dog that returns to life again and again, these animal companions capture the heart and the mind as their stories, some entertaining, some allegorical, help us better understand our place among all living things.

Giveaway! Which Book Location Would You Like To Visit?

The Silent Fountain by Victoria Fox is a stunning, Gothic tale of two women in very different decades who nonetheless find themselves trapped in an idyllic Italian villa. The only escape lies in unearthing the property’s secrets…secrets you can uncover for yourself with this giveaway! The Silent Fountain may not be on sale until October 31, but we’re giving you the chance to get a copy of the ARC. Just head on down to the comments and let us know which book location you’d like to visit. Would it be Italy, like in The Silent Fountain, or somewhere else entirely?

Kick Off October With 5 Chilling Reads

Are you on the hunt for a suspenseful read that will leave chills running up your spine? We’re here to help you start a brand new month with 5 books any suspense fan will definitely want to check out.

Haunted Reads for Ghost Hunting Day

Things are about to get a whole lot spookier around here! We’re gearing up for October–the creepiest month of the year–with spooky reads in honor of Ghost Hunting Day!

Book Club Reads: The Orphan’s Tale

Are you on the hunt for a book to bring to your next book club meeting? We definitely recommend The Orphan’s Tale–it’s been one of our favorite reads this year! So gather your friends together an get ready to dive into a book that is an engaging, emotional read that you won’t be able to put down. Do help you on your journey, here are some book club questions you can use!

October Reads To Add To Your Bookshelf

Are you ready for October? There are plenty of amazing reads coming out next month…and here are just a few you’ll want to add to your TBR pile!

Celebrate Bisexual Visibility Day With These 4 Characters


September 23 is Bisexuality Visibility Day, and we are celebrating with these can’t-miss characters!

5 Books All About Family

The relationship between family members can be complicated–full of love and conflict. They are the key to our pasts and can sometimes reveal more about us than we ever realized. Here are five reads all about the relationships  between family members and the effects it can have on a person.

Seven Books to Read for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy, me hearties; ye know what day ‘tis on September 19, yar? Aye, ye scurvy buccaneers, ‘tis Talk Like a Pirate Day and we’ll no be ‘avin’ ye shirk yer readin’ duties as we set sail on this most glorious day!

Come about and eyeball these seven of the best books to be well celebratin’ a pirate’s day of days. Avast ye lads and lassies; hoist the mizzen and let’s get to turnin’ the pages on this grand booty of pirate books. Ye savvy?

Cover Love: Hues of Fall

If I had my way, fall would go on forever; sorry, winter. To celebrate the beginning of my favorite season, here are six eye-catching covers that evoke the vibrant colors of fall.


Bookstrology: Libra

Libra (September 23–October 23)

Happy Birthday Libra! Libras are an air sign and value cooperation, fairness, peace and social interaction. Libras have a strong sense of right and wrong but often can see both sides of an issue and find making decisions difficult.

6 Books With Twists You Won’t See Coming

Looking for a read with an amazing twist? We have 6 books here that you absolutely need to check out. Don’t worry, no spoilers here!

Bookclubbish’s Favourite Reads Featuring Women in New York City

New York City. The Big Apple. What is it about this metropolis that makes it such a perfect setting for stories about women coming together as friends? The big city’s vibe of anonymity, which might cause loneliness if not for the good company of friends, might have something to do with it, along with, of course, its glamorous allure. If you’ve made it through all of Sex and the City and Girls, or if you simply love a story set in NYC, here’s a roundup of our favorite reads featuring women out on the town in the City that Never Sleeps.

Level Up with These Five Books for Gamers

With a great cast, Spielberg at the helm directing and what can only be assumed to be a huge budget (there are a lot of licensing and trademarked properties to procure), the film version of Ernest Cline’s 2011 bestseller Ready Player One is poised to hit theaters next spring.

Set in a dystopian future, it features a young gamer named Wade Watts who escapes the dreary reality of life in the mid-twenty-first century by plugging into a virtual world called OASIS. When a life-changing prize is offered to the person who can solve all the puzzles in the digital OASIS universe—puzzles based on retro pop-culture fads and frenzies—Wade dives in. With its merging of futuristic and nostalgic worlds, Ready Player One is sure to be as popular on the big screen as it is on the page.

5 Fictional Doctors We Love

A trip to the doctor’s office isn’t so scary when these fan favorites are involved. Watch the video above to see which fictional doctors made the list!

Check Out These Modern Classics for National Read a Book Day

September 6 was National Read a Book Day, and I know—I know—you’re thinking every day is National Read a Book Day! But on September 6, we really mean it.

Celebrate Classical Music Month with These Five Notable Reads

September is Classical Music Month, and even if you do not consider yourself a huge classical music aficionado, you probably know more about classical music (and its far-, far-reaching influences) than you think. From lullabies to tea commercials to cell phone ringtones, classical music’s presence in our lives is ubiquitous.

For book lovers, classical music is a natural partner to time spent reading. Not only can it offer a lovely background accompaniment, but studies have proven that listening to classical music can enhance our levels of concentration, help us to better absorb information, aid in reducing stress and improve sleep. (Which is important if you regularly stay up past bedtime because you can’t put down your book. I don’t know a thing about that. Ahem.)

A Graydon House Unboxing: 4 Reads You Can’t Miss (Giveaway)

We’re so excited to present the new books from Graydon House. These fabulous reads definitely need to be added to your TBR pile! Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win all four Graydon House books!

Celebrating the Launch of Graydon House

Celebrate 200 Years With These HarperCollins Recommendations

Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of HarperCollins with these amazing recommendations!

Strong Women Read

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