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  • Behind the Book: The Sister Effect
    When I was growing up, my best friend came from a big, raucous family. I loved going to her house because there was always something going on, always playmates on […]
  • Behind the Book: Never Never
    Almost a decade ago, I had an idea for a story where a teenage girl wakes up in class with no memory of how she got there. I told my […]
  • Behind The Book: It’s One Of Us
    IT’S ONE OF US Origin Story The germs of this story have been floating around in my brain for over a decade, sparked by one of those tragic-comedic life moments: […]
  • Behind The Book: One Last Secret
    Dora Popular culture of TV, film and crime novels would have us believe the role of a sex worker is largely to be a nameless body in the background: perhaps […]
  • Behind The Book: Code Name Sapphire
    I’m often asked how I find the ideas for my books. The short answer is: I go looking for them. Although my love for stories set around the Second World […]
  • Behind The Book: Angels of the Resistance
    I was fifteen the first time I read a novel with historical elements in it. The book was a romance. Zoya, by Danielle Steel, and I can remember vividly, decades […]
  • Meet (A Handful Of) Our Authors
    Pam Jenoff, author of Code Name Sapphire We ❤ Pam Jenoff! Not only because she’s the author of several (NYT bestselling) books, but because she has so many layers; she’s […]
  • Behind The Book: The Binding Room
    True Crime by Nadine Matheson As a criminal defence lawyer and a crime writer, I’ve always been fascinated by human behaviour and what would drive someone to commit the most […]
  • Behind The Book: The Librarian Spy
    The Inspiration By Madeline Martin My inspiration for The Librarian Spy came from two real areas of WWII – the American librarians who were sent to neutral countries to gather […]