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  • Behind the Book: Cassandra in Reverse
    I’m embarrassed to say that Cassie is the closest thing to me I’ve ever written or will be able to write. She’s essentially me on the page. So, it was […]
  • Behind the Book: The Paris Deception
    In Praise of Subject Matter Experts There’s a meme doing the rounds on the internet at the moment that describes the author’s dilemma as this: we write characters into tight […]
  • Behind the Book: The Revenge List
    Under Pressure – Finding Inspiration Authors are often asked where the inspiration for their work came from. So far, I can pinpoint the origin of my books exactly. My debut […]
  • Behind the Book: The Sister Effect
    When I was growing up, my best friend came from a big, raucous family. I loved going to her house because there was always something going on, always playmates on […]
  • Behind the Book: Never Never
    Almost a decade ago, I had an idea for a story where a teenage girl wakes up in class with no memory of how she got there. I told my […]
  • Behind The Book: It’s One Of Us
    IT’S ONE OF US Origin Story The germs of this story have been floating around in my brain for over a decade, sparked by one of those tragic-comedic life moments: […]
  • Behind The Book: One Last Secret
    Dora Popular culture of TV, film and crime novels would have us believe the role of a sex worker is largely to be a nameless body in the background: perhaps […]
  • Behind The Book: Code Name Sapphire
    I’m often asked how I find the ideas for my books. The short answer is: I go looking for them. Although my love for stories set around the Second World […]
  • Behind The Book: Angels of the Resistance
    I was fifteen the first time I read a novel with historical elements in it. The book was a romance. Zoya, by Danielle Steel, and I can remember vividly, decades […]