6 Bookstagram Accounts You Need to Follow

I don’t know about you, but I spend 75% of my day on Instagram and that’s not just because it’s my job! Between the memes and cat pics, I can’t get enough of it. But one this I love about platform is the Bookstagram community! They’re an incredibly creative bunch and I always go there for both photography inspiration and, of course, book recommendations. There are lots of accounts out there and it is a rabbit hole that I love to fall down, but here are just a few of the bookstagrammers that you need to follow!


The “she” in question is A, a bookish 20-something from Arkansas who has a love for creepy books. She’s a new-comer to the bookstagram community, but her feed makes her look like a well-seasoned pro!

In September, she launched the very first #TheAudacity competition. it is well known in the literary community that sometimes men do not know how to write women; physically, emotionally, at all… To enter, all you had to do was write about a man the way a man would write about a woman. Though the contest is closed now, the comments are quite fun to read through!


We love an aesthetically pleasing grid and Maria’s account delivers! From color coordinated stacks to all the editions of any classic out there, her massive book collection has it all! One day we aspire to have a home library as beautiful as hers.

One of her favorite authors, evident from the occasional photo and the highlight “❤️SYLVIA❤️”, is Sylvia Plath. Maria owns 43 copies of The Bell Jar, including a first edition written under Plath’s psuedonym, Victoria Lucas. Also, 17 copies of Ariel. And those are just the ones I see.


Her username says it all. Steph bakes pies to match the covers of books. And they are GORGEOUS! They look good enough to eat — but you also don’t want to eat them because they’re actual art! She also makes pies with bookish quotes on them that speak to us (especially this one).

Steph was even featured on Good Morning America, for their March 2020 book club pick, In Five Years by Rebecca Searle. I want one of these pies really bad.


While her profile shows a little bit of everything, Hikari knows her way around science fiction and fantasy. If you want to try something new in one of these genres and don’t know where to start, the Distillery is the place to go.

The Folded Pages Distillery also has a blog, which features in depth reviews on books of all genres. This is their mission statement:

“Here at the distillery we like to distill the books we read, which basically means that we like to remove all of the impurities and concentrate on the main forces at work in a given text. Our reading process is the distillation of a book’s folded pages: the spaces, ideas, and feelings within the text, which we then present to our readers in the form of an enjoyable review.”


Founded by Glory Edim, @wellreadblackgirl started off as a book club in 2015 and has evolved over the years to become a literary festival in Brooklyn, NY. Their goal is to bring Black women readers and writers together to connect and grow with each other.

Their bookstagram features a variety of content, from book reviews to photographs to inspirational quotes. It is the perfect account to follow if you are looking to diversify your reading list. (AND they have a book!)


Equal parts book recommendations and home inspo (at least that’s what I use it for), this account is run by a book blogger who loves a good romance! Her feed is aesthetically pleasing and looks like my dream apartment Pinterest board.

If you’re a fan and want to join in on the fun, she also runs a romance book club, @romancethequebookclub!

Who are some of your favorite bookstagrammers? Do you have your own? Leave the usernames in the comments!

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