7 BookTok Accounts You Should Follow

Full of recommendations, book reviews and more in less than three minutes, TikTok has become the go-to social media platform for book lovers. #BookTok is all the buzz!

Looking to add some bookish content to your feed? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite BIPOC and LGBTQ+ BookTokers you should be following.



With more than 70k followers (and counting), @kendra.reads is the gift that keeps on giving on TikTok. Looking for what books to add to your TBR list? Her page is full of them. Looking for a review on that book you’ve been meaning to check out? Check out her page for her honest reviews like this one about Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers.


We absolutely love Johnee’s TikToks! Not only are they relatable to us book lovers, but he will have you laughing (like in this one about neglected books’ feelings). He also has lots of great recommendations if you’re looking to add to your list of diverse reads.


@a.veryqueerbookclub is run by Jacob Demlow, and is the go-to accounts if you are looking to diversify your queer reads. Full of all types of amazing queer bookish fun things, he will have you continuously scrolling. You can also follow him on YouTube and Instagram.


If you read across genres, Phoenix is the account to follow. She reads everything from historical fiction to thrillers, giving you more books to add to your TBR list. We totally relate to her posts about the life of book lovers, like the one about not returning books we’ve borrowed (oops!).



From regular book hauls, LGBTQ books that aren’t YA, to books to read before the film/tv adaptation, Zoe’s booktok is full of great book recommendations. Zoe also has a BookShop supporting local and independent bookstores.



Whether you are looking for quick book reviews, book recommendations or none book content, Azanta’s TikTok has it all. She recently created Booktalk, a virtual event for book lovers, by book lovers in the digital bookish community where other creators, authors and readers meet.


Full of great consistent book recommendations across genres, @saidaslibrary is another go-to for books you should be reading. She has lists for every kind of book, from monthly wrap-ups, booktok books worth the hype and books for each zodiac sign.

Who are some of your favorite booktokers? Let us know!

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