AA-NH/PI Book Influencers and Creators to Follow

May is Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month and to celebrate we are highlighting a handful of amazing Asian and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander book influencers you should be following!

Caitlin – @spinesthatshine

Amy – @amysboknook8

Diana – @owlslittlelibrary

Michelle – @nurse_bookie

Dorothy – @bookswithdorothy

Elena – @elena.luo

Stephanie – Shut up & Read

Bhoomi – @theartofgoldsorrow

Ayman – @aymansbooks

Selene – @moongirlreads_

Tiffany – @readbytiffany and Subtle Asian Book Club

Alexandra – @twirlingpages and Subtle Asian Book Club

Maya Lê – @maistorybooklibrary

Azanta – @azantareads

Know an Asian or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander book influencer that you think should be on this list? Comment their handle below!

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