How to Book Club with Tarryn Fisher!

If you’ve been looking to switch things up for your next book club meeting, look no further. We picked Tarryn Fisher’s brain to see how she’d book club with her books and we gotta say…we want in on all these meetings! Grab your fellow thriller lovers, set the mood with some killer food, music and drinks and pick up one of these to-die-for reads.

    Katie Didow

    Katie's been a book nerd ever since she skipped out on recess to read Harry Potter. When she's not reading, you'll find her sewing, baking or binge-watching her old favorite TV shows on Disney+.

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    147 Responses to “How to Book Club with Tarryn Fisher!”

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      Imagination (Is A Powerful Deceiver) by Elvis Costello – I feel this song encompasses the theme and feel of the book and it would be something Thursday listens to frequently when her husband is with the other wives.

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      Alicia Torres

      The Other Woman by Lana Del Rey! The song is about being the other woman and that is essentially what she is without even realizing it. The song speaks about how she basically has to be perfect and better than her rivals. And how she’s always so lonely waiting for him to get home. There’s so much more just listen to the song it’s perfect for her

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      Roberta Lilies

      “The Chain” by Fleetwod Mac. The spot-on lyrics about complicated love (in a minor key, no less), mirror the complexity of the relationships in “The Wives.” Also, thanks to TikTok, Fleetwood Mac is having A Moment right now, and their music feels fresh all over again.

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      “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac. Because I imagine the song is quite fitting for someone sharing a husband. But you want to pretend for a little while he loves only you. You know better but whatever gets you through.

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      Priya Reddy

      Illicit Affairs by Taylor Swift I think goes well with the sadness of what Seth is doing to both Regina and Thursday but also No Body, No Crime by Taylor Swift as well because of that ending!

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        Samantha Fink

        The reason why is because it talks about how she did crazy things to be with the person she loved. Also, I feel like the line “I’m the best at Getting Disappointed by my expectations” really works.

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