The 5 Best New YouTube Channels for Book Lovers

Booktube (aka book YouTube) has been around for a hot minute. However, there have been some really great booktubers that appeared on the scene in the past year or so that definitely deserve a subscribe.

We’ve rounded up some of our new favorite booktube channels for any sort of book lover. Read on to see stellar TBR piles, the best reading recommendations and amazing book hauls.

Booked with Jameelah

Jameelah is a self-proclaimed book junkie who just wants to talk about books to her heart’s content She posts a variety of videos including tips and tricks on finding cheap books (yes!), reading wrap ups and book recommendations.

She also posts general discussion videos about the booktube community as a whole that are a must-watch for anyone interested in learning more about this little corner of the internet. She also has a very strong Instagram reel game.

Watch Booked with Jameelah

Bookworm Babe

Tiara is a writer and book blogger who started building her Youtube channel last year. She creates find monthly wrap up videos featuring book reviews. You’ll also find a lot of haul videos with a focus on Black authors and Indo-Caribbean literature on the Bookworm Babe channel.

If you’ve been looking for a more diverse list of books to read, definitely check out Tiara’s channel for some great recommendations.

Watch Bookworm Babe

Chantal at an Intentional Life

Chantal is a wife, mother and blogger turned who became a booktuber a couple of years ago. She does a bunch of fun tag videos along with TBR cart videos. She reads a whole bunch of genres including classics, young adult books and even some science fiction. And if you’ve been wanting to read the books you actually have on your shelves, then follow along with her Read Your Bookshelf challenge!

You can also sign up for Chantal’s bookish newsletter that she sends out which features her monthly to-be-read list and bookish deals here.

Watch Chantal at an Intentional Life


Melanie from MelReads strives to create a safe space for bookish people to talk about all things books like reading vlogs, book hauls, reviews, and more! She loves fantasy books but also reads across genres.

One of the coolest things that Melanie does on her channel is host weekly live reading sprints with other booktubers. It’s such a fun and interactive way to schedule some in some reading time and accountability while connecting with fellow readers.

Watch MelReads


Bri started her YouTube channel less than a year ago and has already created a small collection of videos. As an English teacher, she brings a fun flair to the booktube community. She really loves fiction, including fantasy, young adult, contemporary women’s fiction, and romance books.

Check out her video on how to read more if you’ve been wanting to step up your reading game. And if you know your enneagram number (1, anyone?), make sure to watch her video on book recommendations based on your enneagram type.

Watch BriTalksBooks

Let us know: who’s your favorite to follow in the booktube community? And if you’re looking for more booktube recommendations, check out this post for 5 more booktubers to follow!

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